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Treatment & Procedures

Treatment & Procedures

So much so that a major portion of the work of the psychiatrists at Manipal Hospital these days consists of providing de-stress therapy to professionals. Besides stress therapy, psychiatric disorders such as depression due to chronic and terminal illness are treated here. Treatment is provided in the form of psychotherapy, relaxation therapy and medication. Other than anxiety, depression and stress related issues; the department also provides counselling in matters of sex, marital relations, alcohol & substance dependence and various child and adolescence issues. The team of psychiatrists and psychoanalysts at Manipal Hospitals has earned a reputation of being friendly and approachable. They have at their command the latest equipment to assess mental functioning. Special emphasis is laid on detailed medical, emotional and psychological evaluation before the start of treatment.

A variety of treatments in the form of psychoanalysis, therapy and medication is provided for the following:

  • Child and adolescence problems
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Suicidal ideas or attempts
  • Alcohol or other substance dependence
  • Marital counseling including sex education and sex counseling
  • Post Partum Depression
  • Problems of the elderly
  • Coping difficulties of patients with chronic physical illness

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