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Treatment & Procedures

Treatment & Procedures

Pain management is a modern super specialty division of medicine requiring a deep understanding and knowledge on the subject with sophisticated training in the intervention methods. Our Comprehensive Pain Management Clinic and Solutions Centre now has such specially qualified and experienced Pain Specialist trained in UK to meet the unmet needs of patients suffering from unresolved chronic pain.

Highlights of the Manipal Centre for Comprehensive Pain Management:

  • First of its kind in Karnataka, following the Bio-Psycho-Social model of pain management as recommended by the British Pain Society
  • Huge emphasis on preventive strategies of chronic pain
  • Detailed evaluation of patient to identify the cause of the pain
  • Working as a team of doctors and health care professionals with a holistic approach to prevent and alleviate chronic pain
  • Help patients to develop coping strategies and prevent chronic pain
  • Personalized solutions and interventions for each patient
  • Strategies for management of emotional pain as well
  • Counselling following treatment for leading more active and healthier lifestyle

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