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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery Overview

The surgery done to help you in losing weight is called Bariatric Surgery. It works in one or both of the following two ways. The first method restricts the amount of food you can eat by reducing hunger and by causing fullness after a small meal. This is called Restrictive Surgery. It does so by reducing the capacity of your stomach (the organ where food is stored for digestion to begin). The second method causes the food to bypass the area where it is to be digested and absorbed. Hence, the food will only be partially digested, and only some part of it will be absorbed. This is called Malabsorptive Surgery.

Both of these mechanisms lead to a decreased availability of calories to the body leading to consumption of stored fat. This leads to gradual, sustained weight loss. After the target weight is reached, the weight stabilises as a result of a balance between the body's requirement and calories consumed.

Manipal Bariatric Surgery Features

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Dr. Sumit Talwar-Bariatric Surgery
Dr. Sumit Talwar

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