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Prime Access

What is Prime Access?

This is a premium consultation service that allows you to book appointments with renowned consultants in the evening hours. So now, you don't have to worry about taking time off work to get a health check-up. Moreover, many consultants keep busy in operation theatres during the day. But with prime Access, evening consultation facilities, you can meet your preferred doctor without any hassle.

Why should you opt for Prime Access?

You can book an appointment in the evening hours.

You can book appointments with a consultant of your choice.

Waiting time for outpatient services reduces in the evening.

You can avail additional services like lounge facility, pharmacy, investigations and more.

Prime Access is open to everyone across all the age groups. When compared to other facilities like online consultation that promise hassle-free services, Prime Access is not only easy but also faster and adds more comfort to every doctor visit. It is truly the premium healthcare facility in India.

How does Prime Access work?

  • OPD slots for Premium OPD will be made available in the Call Center/ Web/Telephone exchange
  • Patients will call the Call Center/Telephone exchange/ dedicated mobile number and take appointments
  • Patients appointments are booked in the Track
  • Patients receive an SMS of the booked appointment
  • GRE /PCC will confirm the appointments the previous day
  • GRE/PCC gives a call back one hour back to the customer before the appointments

The patient arrives at the Hospital and shows the Premium OPD Appointment SMS to Security/Valet parking Security /Valet Parking staff collects the vehicle and parks the Vehicle in premium Parking

GRE accompanies the patient to the Premium OPD

In the Premium OPD, GRE greets the patients take them to PCC and completes the registration / Consultation process Offers Wet Tissues Offers coffee/biscuits

GRE facilitates Pharmacy & Lab in the OPD GRE facilitates for Radiology services

GRE /PCC follows up with the cross consultation sends across all Lab reports /Radiology reports to the patients via email

Day Wise Schedule

Timing - 5.30 p.m to 8.00 p.m
Group Department Room Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 Internal Medicine 1 Dr. Somnath Mitra
2 Pulmonology 1 Dr. Satyanarayana Mysore Dr. Satyanarayana Mysore Dr. Padma Sundaram
3 Internal Medicine
Gastroenterology Mohit P Shetti
4 Cardiology 3 Dr. Ranjan Shetty Dr. Anand R Shenoy Dr. Lokesh A Veerappa Dr. Anand R Shenoy
Neurology Dr. Pramod Krishnan
Nephrology Dr. Vishwanath Siddini Dr. Rohan Augustine
Urology Dr. Saurabh Vashishtha Dr. Saurabh Vashishtha
Rheumatology Bathi Reddy
5 Obstetrics &
1 Dr. Meena Muthiah Dr. Gayathri karthik/Dr. Hemanandini Jayaraman Dr. Gayathri Karthik
5 Spine Surgery 2 Dr. Thomas Joseph Kishen Dr. Vidyadhara S Dr. Vidyadhara S
Orthopaedics Dr. Mallinath Gidaganti Dr. Sunil G Kini
General Surgery Dr. Sampath Kumar Dr. Sampath Kumar Dr. Sampath Kumar
6 Vascular Surgery Dr. Hemanth Kumar P Dr. Azeez Pasha
7 Medical Gastroenterology Dr. Mohit P Shetti
8 Hematology Dr. Mallikarjun Kalashetty
9 Surgical Oncology Dr. Somashekhar S P Dr. Somashekhar S P
10 Neurosurgery Dr. Praveen M Ganigi
11 Vascular Surgery Dr. Hemanth Kumar P
12 Medical Oncology Dr. Poonam Patil Dr. Kakoli Lahkar
12 Spine Surgery Dr. Vidyadhara S


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98, HAL Airport road,
Bangalore - 560 017



Numbers: 1800-3001-4000

Fax: 080 - 25266757

Working Hours

24/7 (Emergency Department)


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